Welcome to the CartouCHe website. CartouCHe (Cartography for Swiss Higher Education) is a Swiss Virtual Campus funded eLearning project, imparting knowledge about the multimedia and internet cartography to advanced students.

CartouCHe team


Hardly any other field within geomatics and geography has changed so fundamentally in the last 10 years as cartography. The fundamental change of the output media from analogous paper maps to two- and three-dimensional digital maps on mobile devices and for internet applications is one of the major current challenges. Since only few textbooks and didactical tutorials for this field of interactive mapping exist, we are convinced that the teaching of these new media can be done best by using the media themselves. Therefore, CartouCHe provides a comprehensive overview of the new fields of multimedia cartography and its application on CD-ROM, webbased applications, and portable devices. CartouCHe uses the conceptual and technical infrastructure of the SVC project GITTA and develop it further to respond to the specific requirements of the domain covered and to its educational implementation.

Project Partners

The CartouCHe project was initialised by the three leading universities in Switzerland dealing with multimedia cartography in research and education:

Logo ETH Zurich Institute of Cartography and Geoinformation
Logo University of Zurich Department of Geography
Logo University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) Institute of Geomatics Engineering